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L.M. Press:
phone: 805-771-9522
fax: 805-435-1472


Review Copy

To request a review copy, send us an email at Be sure to include:

  • Your name and phone number

  • Mailing address

  • Name of the publication where the review will appear

  • How often it is published (daily, monthly, etc.)

  • Its circulation

Book Specs

A Short Course in Kindness by Margot Silk Forrest

  • 5x7 trade paper, 144 pages
  • 10 pt CIS cover with French flaps
  • $11.95 USA ($17.95 in Canada)
  • ISBN# 0-9708049-0-3

Published by L.M. Press


L.M. Press
phone 805-771-9522 fax 805-435-1472