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"We can change the world because we are the world!"
Margot Silk Forrest

Treat yourself to
A Short Course in Kindness,
a wonderful little book
full of stories, good ideas,
and inspiration about
making the world a kinder place.

"This unique and thoughtful book will give you all the ideas you need, all the inspiration you can take in. The feeling that you don't know where to begin, or that you to change the world but don't know how, will evaporate."
--Catherine Ryan Hyde, author of Pay It Forward

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A Short Course in Kindness was chosen as a
2004 Book of the Year finalist by both ForeWord Magazine and the Independent Publisher Book Awards!

From the editors at ForeWord: The best ideas have always come from independent thinkers, and we at ForeWord Magazine believe this maxim holds true for written ideas as well.  Six years ago, ForeWord Magazine's Book of the Year Awards was established to bring increased attention to the literary achievements of independent presses and their authors.  The editors of ForeWord are pleased to present the following title as a finalist, and congratulate the author and publishers of this exceptional book:

A Short Course in Kindness in the category Body/Mind/Spirit


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